High Temperature, Heat Resistant, Radiant Heat Reflective & Thermal Insulating
Aluminum Coated Fiberglass Sleeve

High-Temperature and Heat Resistant Radiant Heat Reflective Sleeve
Fiberglass based with aluminized coating reflects over 95% of the radiant heat striking its surface.
·   Protects industrial wires, cables, hose (hydraulics), tube,
     lines and pipe.
·   This sleeve is fabricated from aluminum coated fabric. 
·   Sewn with two lines of stitching using Kevlar thread.
·   Two fabric weights available: 21 and 35 oz/sq/yd.
·   Can provide energy savings and personnel protection.
High Temperature Radiant Heat Reflective Aluminized Fiberglass Fibreglass Sleeve
Aluminized Heat
Reflective Sleeve
Heat Reflective Sleeve with Velcro
heat reflective aluminum coated fiberglass sleeve
high temperature heat reflecting aluminum coated fiberglass split sleeve
heat reflecting split sleeve with adhesive strip
Aluminized Heat Reflective Sleeve
Aluminized Heat Reflective Split Sleeve with Adhesive Strip
Aluminized Heat Reflective Sleeve - High Insulation
Aluminized Heat Reflective Split Sleeve - High Insulation