High Temperature Silicone Rubber Tube and Sponge Sleeve
Our high temperature silicone rubber tubing is manufactured to exacting standards from our formulation of high-temperature silicone.  Industrial Silicone Tubing is used commonly to convey liquids, air or gases and to protect wires and hoses from high temperature environments.  Our Silicone Tubing is not pharmaceutical or food grade and should not be used to carry foods or fluids for human consumption as it does not have microbial inhibitors.

High temperature silicone rubber tubing can also be used as a mask to protect bolt and screw threads in painting and coating operations, and due to the high temperature rating, can often be reused multiple times.

Due to the non-stick characteristics of silicone rubber, molten metal, weld splatter and grinding sparks do not stick to the silicone tubing, silicone caps or silicone plugs. Silicone tubing can also protect industrial wire, cable, hose and hydraulics.

The Silicone Tubing is available in 21 standard sizes and is always in stock.  Most orders for silicone tubing are shipped same day.
500F / 260C continuous rating with weld splatter / molten metal splash protection.
Our high temperature and heat resistant silicone sponge foam sleeve provides protection and insulation up to 500°F / 260°C.  Fabricated as a closed-cell low density sponge/foam with a low k factor (high insulation factor).

Available as a continuous sleeve and as a slit sleeve for retrofit installation. Color is a dark blue-gray.

Custom made in any ID and OD, or standard sizes of .5" ID, .75" ID, 1" ID, 1.25" ID, 1.5" ID with .5" wall thickness.